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PULUZ - Combo Batteri Kit 4 in 1

PULUZ - Combo Batteri Kit 4 in 1
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1. Premium li-ion cell battery:
- Low impedance battery design.
- It is rated at 1220mAh and tested for high performance and safety.
- Absolutely no memory effect; you can charge battery at anytime.
- 3.5*3.2*1.1cm.
2. 3-channel charger:
- For AHDBT-501 battery, built-in Micro USB and USB Type-C ports, has enough power to handle 3 x GoPro HERO5 batteries at the same time.
- Just insert the batteries into the holes, plug in the charger, and you're ready to go.
- 6.5*5*2.8cm.
3. Mesh storage bag:
- Made of nylon material, one layer structure for scratch-free protection to your devices.
- Light weight and portable, easy to carry and use size.
- 21.5cm x 15.5cm.
4. Battery storage box:
- The ideal way to safety carry your battery.
- Keep you battery safe and dry.
- Help keep battery organised and stop them from getting lost.
- 4.1*3.3*1.7cm.
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