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PULUZ - Combo Kit 45 in 1

PULUZ - Combo Kit 45 in 1
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PULUZ 45 in 1 Accessories Ultimate Combo Kit with EVA Case (Chest Strap + Suction Cup Mount + 3-Way Pivot Arms + J-Hook Buckle + Wrist Strap + Helmet Strap + Surface Mounts + Tripod Adapter + Storage Bag + Handlebar Mount + Wrench)

Adjustable and compact design chest belt strap mount and head strap mount, made of superior plastic and nylon, specially designed for GoPro.
Suitable for ideal requires a great deal of support activities
Screws for fixing GoPro cameras to a bobber hand grip or J-Hook buckle
The adhesive mount is perfect for attaching the camera to a curved surface like a snowboarding, skydiving or skateboarding helmet
Safety Tethers Strap should be attached securely to prevent DV throw out when you are surfing.
Portable box is perfectly shaped compartments for a GoPro camera, outer housing, and accessories

Kit Accessories
1. Large size EVA Case
2. Handlebar Mount with screw
3. Suction Cup Mount with adapter & screw
4. Chest Strap
5. Wrist Strap mount
6. 3-Way Pivot Arms with screws
7. J-Hook Buckles * 2pcs
8. Surfing Quick Release Buckles * 4pcs
9. Helmet Strap
10. Curved surface mounts * 2pcs + flat surface mounts * 2pcs + adhesive mount stickers * 4pcs
11. Adhesive mount stickers * 6pcs
12. Safety Tethers Strap with 3M Sticker
13. Storage bag
14. Tripod Adapter
15. Plastic Wrench with lanyard
16. Head Strap
17. Long screw * 2pcs + short screw * 2pcs
18. Anti-Fog Inserts * 2pcs
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