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PULUZ - Combo Kit 13 in 1

PULUZ -  Combo Kit 13 in 1
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Varenr.: PKT21
Use the wrench out your camera is also equipped with security to tighten
Screws for fixing GoPro cameras to a standard tripod or suction cup
The curved adhesive mount is perfect for attaching the camera to a curved surface like a snowboarding, skydiving or skateboarding helmet
Tripod Adapter be used with camera mount with screw joints.
Storage Bag provide your devices all-around protection (dirt, scratch, shock, scuffing etc)

Kit Accessories
1. CNC long screw + CNC short screw
2. 19.5cm x 14.5cm pouch bag
3. Curved surface mounts * 2pcs + flat surface mounts * 2pcs + adhesive mount stickers * 4pcs
4. CNC wrench
5. CNC tripod adapter
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